About Us

Tsingtao Toky Instruments Co.,Ltd

Wali Industrial Park, Chengyang District,Qingdao,266108



Tsingtao Toky

Tsingtao Toky Instruments Co.,Ltd is one of hi-tech factory specialized in the production of instruments and meters,all of our Products are sold to europe, japan, usa, the middle east countries and regions.Follow the innovation of the world,  we will continue to seek progress in science and technology for development purposes, to meet customer demands for better and more cost-effective products.



In future, Toky Instruments will do everything to develop products meeting the higher technical requirements. TOKY sincerely welcomes its friends to cooperate with us for the further achievements.
Our products:Sawdust Moisture Meter,Paper Moisture Meter,Timber Moisture Meter,Soil Moisture Meter,Tobacco Moisture Mter,Cotton Moisture Meter,Chemical Powder Moisture Meter,Concrete Moisture Meter,Textile Moisture Meter,Coal Moisture Meter,Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge,Metal Tube Thickness Meter etc.....





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